Caio Romão, Software Engineer

Senior Developer,

Applying machine learning on production, optimizing search and ranking performance, solving major scalability issues, developing services, migrating/modernizing legacy systems, leading and growing teams (4-12 people), interviewing candidates.

Roles: Developer, Team Leader.
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Apr 2012 - Apr 2017.

Software Engineer, IBM

Automating OS installs over network and kernel/image building processes, augmenting software for internationalization, introducing new engineering practices (CI, code review, git).

Roles: Linux Technology Center Developer.
Remote, Jan 2010 - Oct 2011.

Select Projects

  • cantine: A recipe search engine with a public JSON API, written in Rust.
  • go-tdigest: A fast, merge-able data structure for accurately estimating arbitrary quantiles, written in Go.


  • B.Sc. Computer Science, University of Campinas
  • Internships at IBM (16 months) and Motorola (8 months)
  • Research scholarship on real-time embedded systems (2 years)
  • Participated and completed Google Summer of Code 2009