PasteIt is a simple command line app for the Knoxious-Open-Pastebin[1]
with some neat nittle features to fit my needs, mostly:

 * Read/Write clipboard support
 * Configuration file
 * Input from STDIN or filename arguments

I've tried keeping dependencies to a minimum. What this script needs
is as follows:

 * LWP
 * LWP::Protocol::https
 * Net::SSL

HTTP::Tiny's API is WAY more sane, but LWP is installed everywhere :(

For fiddling with the clipboard you need a clipboard manager

 * Linux: xclip
 * Mac: pbcopy/pbpaste

Note: I don't have a mac. If it doesn't work just let me know :-)

There is support for a config file. Just create a $HOME/.pasteit.conf
with something like this:

       %options = (
           author => 'Caio Romao',
           paste => '',
           to_clipboard => 1,
           lifespan => 3,
           raw => 1,