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# Changelog

-## v0.17.0 - 2024-??-??
+## v0.17.0 - UNRELEASED
+This release contains significant changes aimed at freeing users
+from having to manage their own version of a unique list of members.
+Whilst upgrading won't be just trivially bumping the version, it's
+expected to be very easy and users will probably find themselves
+deleting more code than writing new one when doing it.
+Memory and CPU usage should go down since members and cluster
+updates are now bound by the number of distinct addresses whereas
+previously it would grow with the number of distinct identities.
+As this is a large change, users should be more cautious when
+upgrading and are welcome to open an issue in case of questions
+or problems.

- **BREAKING**: `foca::Identity` has been revamped and now requires
- a unique cluster-wide identifier (typically a socket addrees or a
+ a unique cluster-wide identifier (typically a socket address or a
hostname). When multiple identities appear with the same `Addr`
the conflict is handled by `Identity::win_addr_conflict`
- **BREAKING**: _Custom_ broadcasts wire format has changed and
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## v0.14.0 - 2023-09-03

- **BREAKING** Custom broadcast handlers now know which member sent the
- data they're handling to facilitate anti-entropy usecases.
+ data they're handling to facilitate anti-entropy use-cases.
- Foca now only emits DEBUG and TRACE level traces when using the
`tracing` feature
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- Foca will now gossip upon receiving messages that flag their identity
as suspect
-- Foca now resumes probing more quickly when recoving from an incorrect
+- Foca now resumes probing more quickly when recovering from an incorrect
sequence of Timer events
- The Timer enum now has a very simple Ord implementation to facilitate
dealing with out-of-order delivery. Sorting a slice of Timer events
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structs, previously if would yield `Member::id`. This allows
users to bootstrap a foca instance with existing cluster state
by feeding its output directly to `Foca::apply_many`
-- **BREAKING**: `Config::remove_down_after` has been increated to
+- **BREAKING**: `Config::remove_down_after` has been increased to
24h. The previous default value of 2 minutes was still too small
and would lead to unreasonably large updates backlog on large
clusters. See: