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   Simple configuration for neovim with (optional) LSP support. Built
   by plucking options out of my .vimrc [VIMRC] when a default behavior
   bothered me.

   Plugins are managed via the emacsesque packer.nvim [PACKER] and not
   having it configured doesn't leave anything broken nor throws errors
   at my face.

   Here be no icons, text rules.

Basic Installation

   $ git clone ~/.config/nvim

Enabling and Installing/Updating Plugins

   It's assumed git is installed and neovim is running with a UI capable
   displaying 24-bit colors, be it a terminal (:help termguicolors) or a

   $ nvim +BootstrapPacker
   $ nvim +PackerSync

Starting/Using LSP

   It's not always that I want to boot heavy IDE-like features when I
   open a file with the editor, so lsp functionality is gated behind
   the LspStart command. Issuing it will launch a server and configure
   mappings accordingly.



   1. Runnables [RUN] support, mostly to launch tests. It's the only
      thing that I actually miss from my previous setup.


   [VIMRC]   My vim configuration files

   [PACKER]  packer.nvim: A Plugin Manager for Neovim

   [RUN]     Rust-analyzer's Runnables lsp extension