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+# Cantine
+A cooking recipe search API.
+## Notes
+This is mostly an exercise in learning rust, so if you are looking for
+well-thought-out things you won't have much luck. The code here is
+organized as a cargo workspace where the business logic and server
+code are placed inside the `cantine` crate and isolated functionality
+such as cursor-based pagination and query/aggregation-related code
+generation is implemented in `tique`.
+I plan on exploring the whole ecosystem so documentation will come
+someday, but for now here's a brief outline of the modules:
+* `tique::top_collector`: A `tantivy` top collector that allows
+ checking for a condition before collecting a matching document,
+ particularly useful in streaming and highly dynamic filtering
+ contexts. Used in `cantine::index` as a way to navigate results
+ without offsets/pages
+* `tique::query_parser`: A simplified query parser that only knows
+ about term and phrase queries (and their negation). Mostly an excuse
+ to play with `nom`
+* `tique_derive`: Takes a struct of (possibly `Option`) primitives and
+ generates a bunch of code to assist with indexing, filtering and
+ aggregating. Used by `cantine` to skip writing tedious business
+ logic and to aggregate features by decoding a bytes fast field as
+ a features struct
+* `cantine::database`: A memory-mapped file used as database with the
+ index stored in a separate log file and payload serialized as
+ `bincode`