Hello! My name is , I live in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and I look like this.

There are a few reasons for stumbling on this page:

  • You might have met me in a tech conference/meetup
  • I’ve sent you a patch and you are wondering who am I
  • You saw my online activity somewhere
  • Or maybe you searched for “ciao” and the search engine sent you here (I wish![1])

You can see my activity at Github and find me online on IRC (Freenode) with the caio nickname. I don’t have an account on most popular social networks, so if you want to know more for whatever reason, you’re gonna have to ask.

  1. What usually happens is the opposite: Besides the typical Caio/Ciao mixup, there are plenty of restaurants called “Ciao Roma” - this doesn’t help my online presence at all.