Caio Romão


Hello! My name is . I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands and currently work as a Software Engineer at

There are some reasons why you might have stumbled on my humble web page:


Making systems work is my passion and I currently hold a strong interest in Distributed Systems and Recommendation Engines. I’m a believer of experimentation and the measure-all-that-you-can principle. There is never too much data when making decisions, be they tech or business related (not to confuse with bad data, though).

Here you can find a simplified version of my résumé, with little detail about my past endeavors but enough to signal my strengths and focus areas. If you are at all interested, you can pick three printer-friendly flavours:

Please use this form to contact me for business inquiries. I will not answer cold calls or direct e-mails.

If you just wanna say “hi” and connect, you can:


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  1. What usually happens is the opposite: Besides the typical Caio/Ciao mixup, there are plenty of restaurants called “Ciao Roma” - this doesn’t help my online presence at all.