Caio Romão

Hello! My name is , I live in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and I look like this.

There are a few reasons for stumbling on this page:

Work with me

You can find my most recent cv/résumé in multiple formats:

It’s tiny. If it piques your interest, I’ll gladly provide more details. Recruitment agencies are NOT welcome.


You may reach out to me via the following:

contact |AT| caio |DOT| co

Please allow a few days for me to reply, I’ll try my best to answer in a timely manner. If I haven’t replied to you in a week feel free to follow up, sometimes the spam is too much and I might end up accidentally deleting genuine mails.


I’m happy to interact with strangers over the wire. If you think I can help you in any way with matters related to tech (newbies welcome!), mental health or just wanna chat, you can find me on:

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  1. What usually happens is the opposite: Besides the typical Caio/Ciao mixup, there are plenty of restaurants called “Ciao Roma” - this doesn’t help my online presence at all.